How Did You Get That Shot?: A Photographer\'s Journal from America\'s Back Roads

David Skernick

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On the road again, award-winning photographer and educator David Skernick lets serious photographers in on the decisions he makes—some split-second, some carefully planned—to capture 144 spot-on images from rural America. This notebook explains the why, when, where, and especially the how behind each shot, including the camera settings and techniques used. Sprinkled throughout are funny stories and suggestions for places to stop for food or lodging near the shoots. This fun-to-read companion will help savvy photographers at all levels polish their camera skills.

Size: 10" x 7" | 144 color images | 192 pp
ISBN13: 9780764357282

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David Skernick resides in Woodland Hills, California, with his wife, Ria, and dog, Chewy. He spends as much time as possible traveling, photographing, and teaching workshops along the back roads of America.