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Horse Racing: Photography by Arthur Frank

Essay by Joe Drape

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This book contains 168 photographs of thoroughbred racing taken by award-winning photographer Arthur Frank in the United States, France, and Ireland, and is introduced by a personal essay by The New York Times sportswriter Joe Drape. The photographs capture the beauty and excitement of one of the world's most popular sports by depicting the development of thoroughbred race horses from their days as foals, through training sessions, and then to the track. It also highlights the unique relationships between the horses and those individuals who bred them, own them, train them, care for them, and bet on them. As the photographer is more interested in the sport of horse racing than with celebrity, the book offers a unique humanistic depiction of the sport of kings and concludes with a tribute to the winners and losers.

Size: 11 3/4" x 9" | 168 b/w & color photos | 192 pp
ISBN13: 9780764340949

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Arthur Frank is a sports photographer who has been photographing equine sports and activities for over twenty years. His previous photography book was Cowboy Up. He lives in New York City. Joe Drape is an award-winning sportswriter for The New York Times who has also written a number of books on horse racing and football. He lives in New York City.