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Hopi Kachinas: History, Legends, and Art

Ron Pecina and Bob Pecina

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The Hopi Indian's rich culture and exciting religious ceremonies continue to thrive. However, outsiders have limited opportunity to witness the exciting Katsina dances and ceremonies of the Hopi, save through the well-known and much prized kachina dolls the Katsina spiritually inform. Presenting work from a select set of recognizable Hopi artists, this book relates the detailed history and culture of the Hopis in tandem with their creative efforts to showcase that framework: from remarkable paintings to the kachina sculptures and dolls that manifest as physical representations of the Katsinam, the Hopis' spiritual beings. These pieces complement the Pecina's studious and informative narrative of chronological vignettes and text based on a careful selection of events in Hopi history, oral teachings of great cultural significance, and legends of the Katsinam. Hopi Kachinas presents a clear and meticulous portrait of the Hopis beliefs, history, legends, their Katsina celebrations, and the personas of the Katsinam. This book illuminates the stage of study for scholars, and is vital for students of the Hopi culture.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 155 color images | 192 pp
ISBN13: 9780764344299

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Ron Pecina has collected Native American art and attended a number of outdoor Katsina celebrations for over 25 years. Ron and his son, Bob Pecina, have also collaborated on the book Neil David’s Hopi World. They live in Pennsylvania.