Hopi Gold, Hopi Silver: 12 Contemporary Jewelers

Zena Pearlstone

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Nearly 200 photographs chronicle the evolution of Hopi jewelry over the last four decades and illustrate, through the Kópavi collection, the innovative and often stunning creations of twelve well-known Hopi artists. Included are Victor Coochwytewa, Phillip Honanie, and Michael Kabotie, as well as Ricky Coochwytewa, Sidney Sekakuku, Sharold Nutumya, Watson Honanie, Bradley Gashwazra, Norman Honie Sr., John Coochyumptewa, Beauford Dawahoya, and Jason Takala Sr. The artists incorporate gold, platinum, diamonds, and rare turquoise into a tradition previously identified predominantly with silver, while expanding the range of designs to include narrative and ceremonial representations. Some of the iconography speaks to the merging of two cultures: ancient Hopi and contemporary commodity. These objects have a historical voice and represent a major change not only in jewelry styles, but in Hopi culture.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 194 color & b/w photos | 144 pp
ISBN13: 9780764346835

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Zena Pearlstone is Emerita Professor (Art History) California State University, Fullerton, and she has been working with Hopi artists since 1985. Her publications include Katsina: Commodified and Appropriated Images of Hopi Supernaturals (2001) and About Face: Self Portraits by Native American, First Nations, and Inuit Artists (with Allan J. Ryan, 2005).