Homestead Glass Works: Bryce, Higbee & Company, 1879-1907

Paul Kirk Jr.

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The glassware made by Bryce, Higbee & Company of Pittsburgh is known for its beauty and quality, yet is misunderstood by even the most knowledgeable collectors. Using original sources, this definitive resource shatters many myths and corrects misconceptions that have persisted for over half a century. The history of the company and the marketing of glassware in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries is discussed as well as the difference between the products of Bryce, Higbee & Company and J.B. Higbee Glass Company. Also featured is information on the intended use of the multitude of items made during the Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) era and lists of items in tableware patterns and novelties made by Bryce, Higbee & Company. Liberally illustrated with more than 500 original catalog images and photos of glassware, this is sure to be a valuable resource for all lovers of glass.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 570 color and B/W images | 288 pp
ISBN13: 9780764350351

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Paul Kirk has been collecting and researching antique glassware for over twenty-five years. His research philosophy is to go straight to the source whenever possible. Paul is a trustee for the Early American Pattern Glass Society and also does pattern identification for the organization. He is a prolific fiddler and tunesmith and has composed over 500 folk tunes.