Hippie Artifacts: Mind-Blowing Stuff to Collect

Dr. Gary L. Moss

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Baby-boomers, this book is for YOU! Hippie artifacts are a potential goldmine today. Abundant undiscovered material still lies in attics and basements from the 1965 to 1973 era. Many of these items are scarce today because they were made in limited quantities and were not considered worth keeping.This pictorial review of a counter culture demonstrates its significant impact on society then and now. 540 color photographs show thousands of items that reflect Peace and Love, protest causes, folk art, psychedelic images, the crash pad, Flower Power, and the headshop, as well as toys and novelties, the specialized wardrobes, literature, and especially music and entertainment of the hippie genre. Nostalgic for many and eye-popping for all, this collection will recall and immortalize the "far out, progressive, activist" music, happenings, and underground movie and coffee houses of the time. Children of baby-boomers will look at this book and howl "old hippie!" Current market values are in the captions.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 540 color photos | Price Guide | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764317583

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Dr. Gary Moss is the hip director of Graduate Optometric Education at the New England College of Optometry with a keen memory for details.