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Sculpting Traditional BowlsSculpting Traditional Bowls
Rip and Tammi Mann

Hewing Contemporary Bowls

Rip and Tammi MannText written with and photography by Douglas Congdon-Martin

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Following the success of their first book, Sculpting Traditional Bowls, Rip and Tammi Mann bring this new book to those who love this ancient craft. With step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions they lead the craftsperson to a beautiful handhewn octagonal bowl. In the gallery are a variety of contemporary bowls that can be made using the same techniques, though some will require the skill that comes from experience. They include octagonal bowls, bowls in the shapes of states, and bowls with natural exteriors.Rip and Tammi use only hand tools, the bowl adze, a bowl shave and a carver's hook. They begin with a blank and conclude with an oil finish process that makes the bowls beautiful and perfectly safe for use with food.Each step is illustrated in color, with a complete description of design and technique concerns. Both the beginner and the experienced woodworker will enjoy the creation of these functional, beautiful pieces.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 250 step-by-step color photos, gallery | 64 pp
ISBN13: 9780887407109

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