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Hawaiian Folklore: Encounters with the Supernatural

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Hawaiian Folklore: Encounters with the Supernatural

Timothy Befus

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Join author Timothy Befus on his 13-year tour throughout the Hawaiian Islands gathering firsthand accounts of people who have come face to face with the supernatural. Here, find 20 tales that include encounters with Pele and faceless spirits, ancient haunted temples and spirits coming back from the dead, guardian spirits of remote valleys and the restless ghosts of ancient Hawaiian warriors. These stories offer a unique, terrifying, and unusual glimpse into the folklore of Hawaii. Meet the old woman who asked for a ride, only to disappear upon reaching her destination. Experience that last moment before death with 40 owls and a dying woman. See the two long-dead children, still hanging from the tree where they’d been executed. Island images accompany the tales prompting you to understand that exotic locations have encounters from the unknown just like those in your own backyard.

Size: 6″ x 9″ | 27 color photos | 80 pp
ISBN13: 9780764349447 | Binding: soft cover


Timothy Befus has lived on the island of Oahu for thirteen years. When he’s not surfing, ghost hunting or hiking, he is researching Hawaiian history and collecting stories of the supernatural. Tim is the author of two young adult books, “The Four Island Friends and the Legend of Kainoa”, and “The Four Island Friends and the Faceless Spirit” which incorporate Hawaiian legends and mythology into tales of adventure and mystery. Tim has a unique, laid back style of story telling, and he is an expert in Hawaiian Folk Lore. He also helps run Island Paddle Tours, which lets people tour the island in a fun and interactive way. From kayaking the west coast of Oahu to hiking to remote petroglyphs in the mountains, he shares his love of Hawaii with the people he takes along with him. His ghost stories are popular with the tourists, and he enjoys talking to people from all over the world. You can email Tim at