Haunts of Western Oregon

Kent Goodman

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From the mysterious Bigfoot-like entity known as Flix, near Albany, Oregon, to a haunted cradle that rocks itself in Yoncalla, Western Oregon is home to ghosts, UFOs, and other strange phenomena. Take a paranormal journey through this area, known for its gloomy fog and mists, to encounter the homicidal Bandage Man of Cannon Beach, who jumps into the backs of trucks and terrifies drivers. Learn about an old woman who drinks gasoline straight from the pump in stations all around Oregon. Meet the apparition of Rue, an ancient woman who haunts the Heceta Head lighthouse keeper's home, and the Phantom Bugler of Forest Grove who searches for victims in the surrounding woods. Read about the Sasquatch people who inhabit impenetrable woods in Coos County and beyond, vast metallic objects in the skies of Medford, and the hair-raising footsteps, smells, sounds, and touches that identify haunted locations in Western Oregon. Use the book's alphabetical format to visit spooky locations, either in person or from the safety of your own home...with all the doors and windows locked, of course!

Size: 6" x 9" | 54 b/w photos & ills. | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764332241

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Kent Goodman is a respected author and lecturer dealing with the unusual, such as prehistoric sacred sites, crop circles, and other supernatural subjects in the United States and England. He lives in Oregon.