Haunted Monterey Peninsula

Anita Yasuda

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The Monterey Peninsula, in California, is alive with ghosts and spirits. Spend time with a ghostly lady in a black dress who occupies a rocking chair at the Robert Louis Stevenson House. Read about a phantom woman in Pebble Beach who frightens drivers when she appears in the middle of the road. Examine the peculiar appearances of Monterey's famous sea serpent, "Bobo," and the ghost of Father Junipero Serra that returns annually to Carmel Mission to say Mass. Experience disembodied voices, phantom ships, and ghostly spirits wandering historic adobes, hotels, and roadways of the Peninsula. Unusual paranormal stories are compiled here, including the ghost of a Chinese fisherman, a Devil's Ship, a Haunted Lighthouse, and more.

Size: 6" x 9" | 55 b/w photos | Index | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764331510

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Anita Yasuda is a freelance writer who enjoys a good ghost story and lives in a haunted house. She has also written Snapshots of San Diego, Historic Monterey, and Greetings from Buffalo.