Haunted Lehigh Valley

Kenneth Biddle

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Grab your flashlight and camera to tour the spookier side of the Lehigh River Valley in Pennsylvania! Meet a mysterious pipe-smoking man at Wydnor Hall Inn, then help keep the Union and West End Cemetery beautiful with the "Lady in the Blue Dress." Sit down for a good meal at the White Palm Tavern, and perhaps the ghost of Emma will bring you a drink. Listen for the giggles of a redheaded ghost before he disappears behind the only tree in the Freemansburg Cemetery. Learn about the Shadow Figure of the Lake House Hotel who appeared to a group of over 20 ghost hunters! Explore the Lehigh Valley and beyond, seeking out glowing red eyes, phantom telephones, and apparitions of the young and old. The ghosts await you!

Size: 6" x 9" | 73 b/w photos | Index | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764333897

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Kenneth Biddle, founder of the Paranormal Investigators & Research Association (PIRA), has investigated locations across Pennsylvania. Featured on radio programs and taking part in ghost documentaries, Kenneth also travels throughout the country for conferences and lectures. He resides in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.