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Hall China Tea and Coffee Pots: The First 100 Years

Gary & Paula Barnebey

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This is the greatest collection of tea and coffee pots, beverage sets, and hot water pots, made by the prolific Hall China Company ever displayed in a single volume! From the company's establishment in 1903 until today, Hall China, of East Liverpool, Ohio, has produced a vast array of innovative pots in forms and with decorations that kept up with the times. Many are displayed here among 845 beautiful color photos. Included are early gold and platinum decorations; the "Art Deco," "Novelty," "Victorian," and Brilliant series; early decals; Gold Label; 1960s decorations; special shapes made for various companies including Lipton Tea, McCormick Tea, and others; and designs by renowned artist Eva Zeisel.
The informative text includes vessel shapes, sizes, colors, and historical information, along with a detailed bibliography, a Names Cross Reference, and values in the captions.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 845 | 240 pp
ISBN13: 9780764321962

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Antique dealers Gary and Paula Barnebey have been collecting and studying Hall China tea and coffee pots for many years.