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Greetings from Pottstown

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Greetings from Pottstown

Patricia Wanger Smith

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Check out the hidden facades beneath twentieth century coverings. Secured in history by Gen. George Washington’s occupation of Valley Forge Memorial Park, Pottstown and its surrounding townships have been on the historical front lines for many decades. Now, that history is remembered through 368 color images. Ringing Rocks Park, Pottsgrove Manor, the Schuylkill River are some of the landmarks featured. For old-timers, your memories will be awakened, and, for newer residents, a virtual tour of the area’s history and lore might kindle your own desire to learn more about the Pottstown area and its many gifts to the world.

Size: 11″ x 8 1/2″ | 368 color images | Index | 128 pp
ISBN13: 9780764329869 | Binding: hard cover


Patricia Wanger Smith is a retired Physician Assistant who has a consuming desire to learn more about local history. She is a member of the North Coventry Historical Commission and aided in getting the village of Pottstown Landing on the National Historical Register.