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Graphic History of Antisemitism

Jerome J. Forman

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There are two groups of Jews in the world: the Jews who are no different than any other people and the Jews who are figments of imagination and defined by misleading stereotypes. The second group is the fantasy of the antisemite and they are the subject matter of this book. American and European antisemitism is seen through a rare and unique collection of postcards, letters, newspapers, advertisements, and cartoons captured in over 270 photos. The thought-provoking text explores the motives for creating these derogatory materials and the rationale for buying them. Although antisemitism is but one of many hateful and bigoted human beliefs, it stands alone as the most vicious; its existence is the longest of its kind in human history; and its consequences have been fatal for millions. Antisemitism is humankind at its worst. That hatred, in whatever form, makes victims of us all.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 213 color & 63 b/w photos | 144 pp
ISBN13: 9780764346170

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Jerome J. Forman has been a lawyer for 45 years in Massachusetts and New Jersey, with a practice that included civil rights law. He has represented victims of discrimination, prejudice, hatred, and abuse in the workplace, in places of public accommodation, and in social and family relationships. Having concentrated in litigation he has extensive experience in the courtroom, both at the state and federal level. He has collected many exhibits of written and graphic evidence of antisemitism, and has lectured and taught courses on the subject. He has volunteered as a civil rights attorney and served on boards of charitable organizations dealing with issues of civil rights, domestic abuse, illness and homelessness. He resides on Cape Cod with his wife, Deborah. They have two sons.