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Gift and Shopping Bag Designs

John Brunkowski, Michael Closen, and Leasa Garvin

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The artwork displayed on gift and shopping bags has never been more exciting! This contemporary peek at nearly 600 shopping bags in over 280 vibrant color photographs is perfect for shopaholics, fashionistas, art enthusiasts, and anyone who has ever enjoyed the graphic design and thematic liveliness of shopping and gift bags. Quality art and graphics, popular themes (including humor, novelty, gender, advertising bags, and more) are explored for modern paper shopping bags in this dynamic authors' collection—the first book of its kind in over 25 years. Detailed descriptions include the use of brand names for advertising, as well as themed art, dimensions, producers, and creation time frames. There is an art to mastering shopping and gift presentation!

Size: 9 1/8" x 8 1/8" | 282 color photos | 144 pp
ISBN13: 9780764349690

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Altogether, John Brunkowski, Michael Closen, and Leasa Garvin have authored or co-authored some 20 books on a variety of collectibles and other subjects and, almost 30 years ago, Michael co-authored the first-ever book about shopping bags. The three authors have collected shopping bags for many years, and every bag illustrated in this book is from the authors’ personal collections. John received a BSN degree and worked for 25 years in the health care field. Michael received his BS, MA and JD degrees and served for 30 years as a college professor. Leasa graduated from technical college and taught graphic arts and printing for a dozen years. Leasa and her husband Mike live year-round in Eastport, Maine, and John and Michael spend summers there, where all three authors collaborate on writing projects.