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Ghosts of San Antonio

Ghosts of San Antonio

Scott A. Johnson

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San Antonio holds a proud place in Texas history, but it is also a city soaked in blood and violence. Take a guided tour of its most haunted places. Spend a night at the Menger Hotel, where a spirit child giggles in the hallway and a ghostly lady in blue dances the night away. Have a drink with spirits of a different kind at the Cadillac Bar where ghosts make crashing and dragging sounds overhead. Listen as souls of thousands whisper through the adobe walls of the famed Alamo. Keep your wits about you, and pay close attention, for in San Antonio the dead can still be heard.

Size: 6″ x 9″ | 33 b/w photos | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764331220 | Binding: soft cover


Scott A. Johnson is a paranormal investigator and editor for Paranormal Studies, and the online site, He also hosts the popular Cold Spots radio program.