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Ghosts of Hollywood III

Marla Brooks

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Hollywood teams with famous ghosts! Take a spirited tour of the most haunted studios, hotels, homes, and graveyards. Visit the house where the ghost of actor Gary Cooper continues to smoke cigarettes that others smell. At Chasen's, the hottest Hollywood restaurant of its day, now a grocery store, stars continue to dine rather than shop for food. Go ghost hunting at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel's poolside cabana where a grisly specter appears to guests with his throat slit. Lucy's ghost is still selling Vitametavegamin on her old set at the Ren-Mar Studios and Desi's haunts his old office there. Read messages that Hollywood's greatest legends left on their tombstones. See the Hollywood sites where many of the rich and famous lived, died, and refuse to leave.

Size: 6" x 9" | 76 b/w photos | 224 pp
ISBN13: 9780764332012

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Marla Brooks is a paranormal investigator, author, and radio show host. She has lived in Hollywood all her life and knows where many of the famous died, where their bodies are buried, and if their restless spirits remain.