Ghosts of Greater Los Angeles

Preston Dennett

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Greater Los Angeles is no stranger to ghosts, so grab your flashlight and camera as we tour the haunts across the southland. Among the many hauntings at Universal Studios, take time to look for Lon Chaney who haunts Sound Stage 28, or a ghostly girl in a hurry not to miss her favorite "killer" ride. Quicken your pace through Moorpark, because here you'll find a ghost that bites! But linger at the Psychedelic Moon bookshop in West Hollywood to see two haunted objects—a large portal mirror and a set of occult books that has kept this quaint shop in the haunted limelight. And don't forget the Hollywood Roosevelt ghosts providing footsteps, cold spots, and beautiful bugle sounds for the guests. Why, there's even invisible hands that will tug at your clothes and bed sheets at night. (Hint: Best not to go into Room 928...) So, from Ouija Boards and levitation, to EVP and animal haunts, it just may be that the ghosts in this town are what make it great...

Size: 6" x 9" | 17 b/w images | Index | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764335037

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Paranormal researcher Preston Dennett has been investigating unexplained encounters since 1986. He is a field agent for the Mutual UFO Network, ghost hunter, and teacher of varied paranormal topics.