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Fright to the Point: Ghosts of West Point

Major Thad Krasnesky

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The United States Military Academy at West Point houses more than cadets; there are ghosts aplenty to stir your imagination and peak your curiosity about the country's oldest continuously running military school. This collection of 13 spooky ghost stories is focused on apparitions that make their home at West Point, right along with the living souls who march the halls of patriotism everyday. Within these pages meet Vivian, a mourning ghost at the Morrison House, but be careful not to lose your head over her (literally). The playful, but lazy, spirit maid at Washington Hall may take your wallet or you may be surprised to see the Lady in White at the Catholic Chapel floating at nearly 100 feet above your head–just before she plunges to the ground and disappears. What will frighten you at West Point?

Size: 6" x 9" | 20 b/w images | Index | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764339189

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Major Thad Krasnesky is a Military Intelligence officer with multiple Iraq deployments. He has spent the last two years living at West Point and researching its history and is author of several children's stories.