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Frances L. Goodrich's Brown Book of Weaving Drafts

Barbara Miller, with Deb Schillo

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A collection of traditional eighteenth and nineteenth century weaving drafts, written sequences of the threading order on the loom used to create specific patterns. They are presented here in their original form as gathered by Frances L. Goodrich and illustrated in over 160 color photos. This volume also contains over 200 valuable modern translations of the same drafts for use by today's weavers. In 1890, Frances L. Goodrich came to the southern mountains in North Carolina from a life of culture to live and work among people who had little opportunity for education or social enrichment. Through her work for the Presbyterian Home Mission Board, she grew to love and respect these neighbors who worked so hard and had so little. She established schools, a small hospital, and the Allanstand Cottage Industries. As she traveled the mountain roads and trails on horseback, Miss Goodrich collected these precious weaving drafts from the women who wove for Allanstand Cottage Industries. In your hands is the heart of that collection.

Size: 12" x 9" | 169 color & 208 b/w photos | 192 pp
ISBN13: 9780764345418

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Barbara Miller's personal quest for excellence in each woven piece is rooted in traditional weaving techniques and patterns. A collection of her handwoven fabrics is displayed in public and private collections and worn as wearable art by those who seek natural fibers and quality fabrics.