Fragrance Bottle Masterpieces

Joanne Dubbs Ball & Dorothy Hehl Torem

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This magnificent new book explores the history of the perfume bottle, from dusty fragments found in Mesopotamian ruins, through the Middle Ages and the Victorian era, to the most resplendent examples of modern glassmaking. It even includes a Lalique bottle not yet released to the public! Other major bottle designers and manufacturers are discussed-Stiegel, De Vilbliss, Baccarat, and Saint Gobain Desjonquere, to name a few-along with perfumers who were instrumental in the growth of the industry in this century, from Crown and Caron to Elizabeth Arden.In over 400 full-color photographs, this beautiful book shows the perfume containers (including miniatures, solids, advertising fans, and the gigantic display factice) that most entrance today's collectors. Includes current value guide, meticulous documentation, and glorious photographs.

Size: 9" x 12" | 405 color photos | Value Guide | 256 pp
ISBN13: 9780887409851

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Joanne Ball, a Connecticut resident, is the author of Costume Jewelers, The Golden Age of Design, and Jewelry of the Stars, Creations from Joseff of Hollywood.Dorothy Torem, of New York City and Rhode Island, has an eclectic background as an artist and jewelry designer. She is also a staff photographer and contributor for Lady's Gallery magazine.