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Form Follows Technique: A Design Manifesto

Richard Schultz

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Based on a series of lectures developed by noted furniture designer Richard Schultz, this brief, striking book lays out his design manifesto both challenging and adding to Louis Sullivan’s credo "form follows function." From African stools carved from a single log to advanced techniques of laminating wood; from simple twisted wire chairs to complex wire furniture bending in three axes; and from basic stonework to iconic post-and-beam structures, the art of design evolves along with the available materials and techniques. Combining Zen wisdom, examples of classic furniture, and a lifetime of experience as a designer, Schultz explores how technology both limits and fosters innovative design. It is the author’s hope that this book will encourage students, designers, and others to think about new materials and techniques so that they, too, will create iconic designs.

Size: 6" x 8" | 48 color and b/w images | 72 pp
ISBN13: 9780764358197

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Born in Lafayette, Indiana, in 1926, Schultz began his career in 1951 as an employee of Knoll International, where he worked with the noted sculptor Harry Bertoia on the development of his wire furniture. He went on to design numerous pieces for Knoll before beginning his own design firm in 1976. Many of his designs are considered modern classics and have been featured in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Louvre, and many others.

He has maintained an interest in sculpture, design education, and teaching creativity. He sees this text as a primer for students to think about new materials and techniques in hopes that they will create iconic designs of their own, as well as a guide for consumers as they evaluate new designs.