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Historic Flow BlueHistoric Flow Blue
Jeffrey B. Snyder
Fascinating Flow BlueFascinating Flow Blue
Jeffrey B. Snyder

Flow Blue: A Closer Look

Jeffrey B. Snyder

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This in-depth pictorial survey provides 684 color photographs of Flow Blue ceramic wares produced throughout the Victorian Age. Central to the book is the presentation of the dinner wares, tea sets, and dessert services from four popular Flow Blue patterns: Cashmere, Chapoo, La Belle, and Touraine. Never before have so many pieces from these highly desirable patterns been shown. Also, illustrations display numerous spectacular teapots, syrup pitchers, and children's wares in a wide variety of patterns. Egg cups and butter pats in many popular patterns are also illustrated, identifying the patterns which appear on these tiny forms. Finally, many patterns appearing in none of Mr. Snyder's previous Flow Blue texts are provided.The text defines and briefly traces the ware's history. Further, a very useful Index to Patterns is included. Prices for the items displayed are presented in the captions. Anyone who has ever admired Victorian ceramics, and certainly every Flow Blue collector, will find many pieces to fascinate them in this beautiful new book.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 684 color photos | Price Guide/Index | 192 pp
ISBN13: 9780764311185

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Jeffrey B. Snyder is an experienced author, editor, and collector living with his family in southeastern Pennsylvania. His other Flow Blue books include: Flow Blue: A Collector's Guide to Patterns, History, and Values**; Historic Flow Blue; A Pocket Guide to Flow Blue**; and Fascinating Flow Blue**.