Figurative Paintings: Paris & The Modern Spirit

Martin Wolpert and Jeffrey Winter

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The art world is only beginning to realize the profound influence the Paris art community of the early 20th century had on what we now identify as "Modernism." Regional groups of figurative painters, from California to Russia and Australia to Scandinavia, absorbed many influences and crossed paths with leading artists who worked in Paris. This important new book highlights the work of 204 newly discovered regional Modernist painters, especially some from Belgium, with carefully researched biographical information about each one. Over 350 color photographs display their dynamic works. These paintings helped t spread Parisian ifluence throughout the world, and often are showcased in galleries today. This pioneer work documents many of the artists for the first time. It is a companion volume to the authors' previous book, Modern Figurative Paintings, The Paris Connection (Schiffer, 2004) which covers a different group of artists and paintings.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 352 color photos | 288 pp
ISBN13: 9780764324628

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Martin Wolpert and Jeffrey Winter own the Papillon Gallery of Fine Arts in Los Angeles, California.