Festool*R Essentials: The Routers: OF 1010 EQ, OF 1400 EQ, OF 2200 EB, & MFK 700 EQ

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The highly acclaimed Festool*R system includes a line of four router models, the OF 1010 EQ, the OF 1400 EQ, the OF 2200 EB, and the MFK 700 EQ. Each has unique qualities that suit it for a particular job. In the OF series the 1010 is a light-weight, precision router, the 1400 is the middle range with more power and cutting depth, and the 2000 is a 3-1/4 HP production grade router. The MFK 700 EQ is a modular trim router that can change configuration for optimal, precise work with laminates.All four routers and their uses are covered in detail. Clear color photographs and concise explanations of the tools and their applications will help woodworkers get the most out of their Festool router and its accessories. As with all Festool products, the routers are integrated with the multi-function table (MFT), guiderail and dust extraction system. An overview of all these elements is included.The Festool Essential series helps the craftsperson use these fine tools to their highest capacity.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 350+ color photos | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764333231

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