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Feelings Forecasters: A Creative Approach to Managing Emotions

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Feelings Forecasters: A Creative Approach to Managing Emotions

Maria Mercè Conangla & Jaume Soler

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Age level: Middle Grade: Ages 8-12


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Emotions are like the weather. Which meteorological conditions occur most often in your inner world? Are there any that you are really afraid of? How do you respond when you feel out of control? And if another person is out of control, how do you react? In this revolutionary approach to emotional education, we learn that our emotions affect our inner and outer climate. They can improve or poison it, affecting our ecosystem and that of our family, school, and friends. Through stories and activities, children learn how to make a beautiful umbrella to protect them from all kinds of “rain,” along with strategies for preventing emotional “pollution” and avoiding “tsunamis” and “acid rain.” The activities, which include a guide for mentors and teachers, help children become sustainable and creative people, increasing the quality of their personal relationships and the world in which they live.

Size: 9″ x 9″ | 58 color illustrations | 64 pp
ISBN13: 9780764356247 | Binding: hard cover


Maria Mercè Conangla and Jaume Soler are psychologists and creators of_x000D_ Fundació Àmbit (Institute for Personal Growth), Barcelona, a nonprofit_x000D_ organization that since 1996 has provided training, counseling, and_x000D_ resources for personal growth and emotional education. Two of its most_x000D_ innovative products are ÀMBIT universit@rtdelviure and a master’s degree_x000D_ program in emotional ecology, which they co-direct. Their research and_x000D_ work in humanist psychology and emotional management inspired them to_x000D_ develop in 2002 the new concept of emotional ecology, the subject of_x000D_ more than eleven books they’ve coauthored. Both give frequent talks and_x000D_ are teachers on various master’s-level courses on personal well-being_x000D_ and_x000D_ growth at the University of Barcelona.