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Rosalyn Daisey

Featherstrokes for Shorebirds

Beebe Hopper

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The nationally known artist, Beebe Hopper, shows the reader an easy way to paint realistic feathers on carvings of shore birds. Following the instructions, drawings and color photographs in this latest of Beebe Hopper's instructional books, anyone who can hold a paintbrush can quickly master the rendering of realistic feathers.The techniques can be used on textured carvings, carvings with the feather patterns burned in, or on smooth surfaces. They also can be used on canvas or other surfaces, with oils, acrylics, or watercolors. The patterns and techniques are given for painting the following ten shorebird varieties: killdeer, sanderling, ruddy turnstone, long-billed curlew, spotted sandpiper, dunlin, golden plover, avocet, red phalarope, and woodcock.This helpful book is for all artists of birds by one of the best.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 53 color & 11 b/w photos, 48 illustrations | 96 pp
ISBN13: 9780887401763

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