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Favored Land Tallahassee: A History of Tallahassee and Leon County

Mary Louise Ellis and William Warren Rogers; Joan Perry Morris, Photo Editor

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Tallahassee is a "capital city" in many ways, epitomizing the dynamic quality of the State of Florida in its evolution from a small settlement to a thriving agricultural town to a present-day metropolis. The story of Tallahassee and Leon County is a story of people - men and women, black, white, and Indian, farmers, entrepreneurs, educators - visionaries all, who individually and collectively inspired others to work toward fulfilling Tallahassee's promise. Historians Mary Loiuse Ellis and William Warren Rogers and photographic archivist Joan Perry Morris remind us ". . . there must be a cognizance and appreciation of our past . . . " and in Favored Land they have portrayed an area aware of its heritage, alert to the needs of the present, and prepared to meet the challenges of the future. This is a volume to be treasured by anyone who has ever called Tallahassee and Leon County home.

Size: 9" x 12" | 0 | 248 pp
ISBN13: 9780898656428

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