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Escape Game Adventure: Trapped in Space

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Escape Game Adventure: Trapped in Space

Mélanie Vives & Rémi Prieur, Illustrated by El Gunto

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Age level: Middle Grade: Ages 8-12


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Your mission: rescue the crew members, drive them safely back to their planet, then escape before the time-travel portal closes forever! With the help of Dooz, your faithful robot, you have been teleported to the year 3144. A team of astronauts in exploration no longer responds, and we suspect an attack from the inhabitants of the star, Hyena . . . In a few moments, it will be too late! Choose to solve this challenge on your own or with a friend! Either way, let’s go!

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Size: 8″ x 11″ x 5/32″ | 50+ illustrations | 48 pp
ISBN13: 9780764360312 | Binding: soft cover


Rémi Prieur is a business developer with a long career in social media. Mélanie Vives is a journalist and cofounder of an independent magazine. She has escaped more than 150 rooms and posts online reviews for France and other countries. Together, they launched El Gunto is a French freelance illustrator, currently based in Barcelona, Spain. He has worked on comics and as a concept artist and character designer for the entertainment industry.