Enchanted Worlds: The Visionary Collages and Art Couture Of Amy Zerner

Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

Available November 2021


Amy Zerner takes the world around her and transforms it magically to her own art forms. She combines fabrics, embroideries, and found objects into lushly imaginative collages intended as signposts to spiritual growth and healing. Guided by her husband, Monte Farber, you’ll experience how Amy synthesizes myths, archetypal symbols, fairy tales, and world cosmologies as she conjures sacred spaces; depicts goddesses, gods, and guardian angels; and creates surreal dreamscapes of primeval grottoes, sanctuaries, and utopias. This volume, with many color plates amplified by Monte’s commentary, is filled with amazing images that beckon readers to open their minds, hearts, and senses. Their goal: to remind everyone of their ability to tap into the energizing and rejuvenating energies of peace, love, and bliss that is the birthright of every being. Original and inspiring, this exploration of Amy’s Art and Fashion as languages of self-expression and style will inspire you to create and live in your own enchanted world.

Size: 8" x 10" | 358 color and b/w images | 256 pp
ISBN13: 9780764362293

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Monte Farber’s inspiring guidance and empathic insights impact everyone he encounters. Amy Zerner’s exquisite tapestry collages and fashions exude her profound intuition and deep connection with archetypal stories and healing energies. For more than forty years they’ve combined their legendary love for each other with the work of inner exploration and self-discovery to build "The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber": bestselling books and oracles that have helped millions answer questions, find deeper meaning, and follow their own spiritual paths. Together they’ve made their love for each other a work of art and their art the work of their lives, with nearly 3,000,000 books in print in eighteen languages. Their other popular titles include The Enchanted Tarot, Karma Cards, The Creativity Oracle, The Enchanted Love Tarot, Chakra Meditation Kit, Astrology for Wellness, Signs & Seasons: An Astrology Cookbook, Mindful Astrology, and The Psychic Circle. Visit them at www.TheEnchantedWorld.com.