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Emotional Explorers: A Creative Approach to Managing Emotions

Maria Mercè Conangla & Jaume Soler

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Age level: Middle Grade: Ages 8-12


What corners of planet Earth have you explored? What parts of your inner planet have you gotten to know? Are there parts you haven't visited? Excursions into the desert, jungle, and other real-life landscapes become exercises in self-knowledge in this revolutionary approach to teaching kids emotional and ecological health. Through collage art, group activities, stories, and questions for reflection, children will learn how to explore and take risks; how to name and banish their dragons; how to set, maintain, and respect boundaries; and to experience how the unjust distribution of Earth's resources affects other living things. To embark on this voyage, children must have suitable “luggage” and hunt for treasures and find them. Teachers and parents will have fun helping kids discover and nurture the rich diversity and connectivity of their inner and outer worlds.

Size: 9" x 9" | 58 color illustrations | 64 pp
ISBN13: 9780764355530

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Maria Mercè Conangla and Jaume Soler are psychologists and creators of Fundació Àmbit (Institute for Personal Growth), Barcelona, a nonprofit organization that since 1996 has provided training, counseling, and resources for personal growth and emotional education. Two of its most innovative products are ÀMBIT [email protected] and a master’s degree program in emotional ecology, which they co-direct. Their research and work in humanist psychology and emotional management inspired them to develop in 2002 the new concept of emotional ecology, the subject of more than eleven books they’ve coauthored. Both give frequent talks and are teachers on various master’s-level courses on personal well-being and growth at the University of Barcelona.