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Eisenberg Originals: The Golden Years of Fashion, Jewelry, and Fragrance, 1920s-1950s

Sharon Schwartz & Laura Sutton

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Eisenberg was one of the first American design houses, and the jewelry that bears its mark is among the finest costume pieces ever created. Yet there is surprisingly little written about the company, and almost nothing about the other products it marketed. In more than 400 photographs, this book chronicles Eisenberg's beginnings in clothing fashion and follows the trajectory of its revered jewelry line, as well as documenting its often overlooked fragrances and cosmetics. With stories of the people and companies that were integral to this label's success, this book shows that, in its golden years, the company's creations deserved the place they held in only the finest stores.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 482 color and b/w images | 208 pp
ISBN13: 9780764352348

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Sharon Schwartz and Laura Sutton have been involved in the antique, vintage, and collecting worlds for decades. Longtime friends, they have spent years researching the heyday of the magnificent American design house of Eisenberg.