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Early Domestic Architecture of Pennsylvania

Eleanor Raymond

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There have been a number of books published illustrating the early buildings in Pennsylvania. The authors of these books have not thought it worthwhile to show the smaller or more primitive houses or the barns and out-buildings that are so typical of Eastern Pennsylvania in particular, and that add so much to the attractiveness of the countryside. It should be rather humiliating to some of us who are so fond of the simple type of buildings but have done nothing to make a lasting record of them, that Miss Raymond (a Boston Architect) has stolen a march on us by putting in book form a record of interior and exterior views, not only of the smaller houses but of barns, mills, spring houses and other out-buildings which are fast disappearing from our countryside. Miss Raymond has done a real service in making a permanent record of these fine old buildings in such an instructive and interesting way. It is to be hoped that she has derived a proportion at least of the pleasure in her work the illustrations will give to others.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 474 photos & drawings | 158 pp
ISBN13: 9780916838119

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