Dream Houses on the Water

Alexander Hosch

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How do architects treat the drama of water and nature? Do they defer to it with a simple dwelling that grows out of the land, or make a statement with bold materials and forms? From the sleek, low-slung Water Villa de Omval in Amsterdam, to the eccentric House on the Greenland Sea, this book takes us on an in-depth tour of 30 private residences by leading architects in locations dedicated to waterfront leisure. The houses are situated along rivers, pristine mountain lakes, Atlantic beaches, or on the Norwegian cliffs overlooking the fjord. Their sites' climate, topography, and morphology is varied, and the text addresses the architects' response, as well as the challenges of building on the water. Included here are glamorous dream villas, elegant huts, hermetic buildings, and minimalist temples. Each is accompanied by plans, sketches, and diagrams.

Size: 9" x 12" | 102 color & b/w images | 192 pp
ISBN13: 9780764349591

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Alexander Hosch is an independent journalist who writes for magazines such as Architectural Digest and the German publications Alps and Hauser. He has reported on exclusive buildings and A-list architects all over the world. He lives in Munich with his family.