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Depression Era Dime Store Glass

Depression Era Dime Store Glass

C.L. Miller

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A nostalgic trip down the aisles of America’s five-and-ten-cent stores, this book illustrates and describes the extensive variety of glassware that was available to everyday consumers in the Depression years. Once a staple item along “Main Street, U.S.A.,” dime stores such as Ben Franklin, S.S. Kresge, McCrory, G.C. Murphy, J.J. Newberry, and F.W. Woolworth sold attractive, practical glassware at affordable prices, ranging from tableware, tumblers, and jugs to crystal stemware and artistic cut glass. Today this merchandise has become highly collectible and is escalating in both price and demand. Using over 240 images, many drawn from original catalogues and advertisements, author C. L. Miller provides an informative and enjoyable guide for both new and experienced collectors. A brief history of the dime stores’ most prosperous years sets the stage, followed by a wide array of the glassware sold. Current values for all items are included.

Size: 6″ x 9″ | over 240 photos | Price Guide/Index | 144 pp
ISBN13: 9780764306655 | Binding: soft cover


C.L. Miller is a freelance writer from Ohio with award winning works that have appeared in many publications. Mr. Miller has previously written for Schiffer Publishing on both the Jewel Tea Company and the W.T. Rawleigh Company.