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Demons: A Secular Look

Joseph C. Stewart

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Demons are real; they roam our world looking for opportunities to heap destruction upon us. They are ruled by blind hatred toward humanity, and they don’t discriminate. Man, woman, or child—all are fair game. Journey into the realm of these horrific creatures with a real demon hunter to see the intense carnage unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Find out how prevalent demons are in our society outside religious persuasion, consider relevant and new research, and read true stories of possession. Discover what these parasites are and what they do, understand their makeup and behaviors, and learn how to get rid of them should you become afflicted. Through trial and error, with significant physical and mental risk to the author, a new exorcism technique of binding demons is unveiled here. Against all odds, the author survives to tell his story. Consider this book a warning . . .

Size: 7" x 10" | 5 b/w illustratons | 256 pp
ISBN13: 9780764361456

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Joseph C. Stewart is an information technology professional. He is a native of Michigan, the land of the Great Lakes, a sportsman’s paradise he has enjoyed since he was a child. Joe, at an early age, was addicted to all things supernatural, including UFOs and cryptozoology, and he finds Michigan has no shortages of things that go bump in the night. After many years of indulging in his passion, Joe decided to start sharing a lifetime of his experiences?enjoy the ride.