Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork: Tools, Techniques & Inspiration

Dona Z. Meilach

Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition

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With the help of this unique book, all the fascinating properties of iron and other metals can be creatively explored. 52 color plates and 717 b/w photos and drawings present the ideas and examples visually. After a short history of ironwork, the author discusses the ironworking shop, forge and tools, including anvils, vises, hammers, tongs, punches, centrifugal blowers and machine tools. She presents information on building, lighting, and maintaining a fire. Forging procedures are explicitly shown: drawing out, flattening, bending, upsetting, twisting, splitting, punching and drifting, hot cutting on a hardy, and joining and finishing techniques.

Size: 7" x 10" | 52 color and 717 b/w photos | 312 pp
ISBN13: 9780764307904

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Dona Z. Meilach has written over three dozen books on art-related topics including metal and stone sculpture, fibers and fabrics, collage, printmaking, design, and computer graphics.