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Darlings of Dress: Children’s Costume 1860–1920

Norma Shephard

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This nostalgic look at children’s costume, from 1860 to 1920, reveals diverse cultural influences on its manufacture and design. More than 300 historic photographs, fashion plates, and selections from vintage catalogs and magazines, plus 115 color images, show examples of costume and accessories. See infants in period dress plus school-aged and teen fads and trends. Learn about the history of clothing use and development, fabric types, conservation and storage of textiles, and artistic inspiration, all arranged by decade. All types of clothing are represented, including christening gowns; boys’ breeches, knickerbockers, and sack suits; swimwear and underwear; bloomers and blouses; fur, feather boas, and frocks; sailor suits and uniforms; collars and belts; capes and hoods; lingerie and dresses; sweaters and cardigans; overalls; and many more. Whether you are interested in clothing children wore in 1920 or to church in the Victorian era, this reference is a fun and evocative collection.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 395 b/w & color images | 192 pp
ISBN13: 9780764349393

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Norma Shephard is the founder and director of the Mobile Millinery Museum & Costume Archive. Her use of fashion artifacts as cultural story blocks to prompt the telling of costume related tales, myths, and legends turns audience members into folklore informants eager to share their own reminiscences. In 1985, Shephard earned a Canadian Achiever’s Award for entrepreneurship and since founding her museum in 1999, has penned and photographed Accessorizing the Bride; Vintage Wedding Finery Through the Decades (Schiffer Publishing), 1000 Hats (Schiffer Publishing), In Step With Fashion: 200 Years of Shoe Styles (Schiffer Publishing), Lingerie; Two Centuries of Luscious Design (Schiffer Publishing) and Dear Harry; The Firsthand Account of a World War I Infantryman (Volumes Publishing).