Crescent City Crimes: Old New Orleans 1718–1918

Charles Cassady Jr.

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In the first 200 years of New Orleans history, the Crescent City has earned a reputation for sin, temptation, intrigue, lawlessness, ritual-magic, and ghosts. Step back in time to the city’s first few crime-stained centuries—from 1718–1918—to explore classic tales of mischief, mayhem, and skullduggery. Arranged by topic you will be compelled to find out whether the heart of Dixie truly beats with wicked rhythms. Meet a cast of rascals and ruffians as you relive the era of American piracy and smuggling. Discover legendary sorcery and unspeakable rumors surrounding Voodoo and ghosts. Examine ritual violence, the largest mass-lynching ever on US soil, and a unique red-light district. Remember, though, to have a jazz band or recording handy...or the famed and frightening Axman may get you! Here, the sallow specter of crime tends to stand with one foot in the annals of historical fact, the other in folklore.

Size: 6" x 9" | 14 b/w images | Index | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764354083

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Charles Cassady Jr. wrote most of this book in a camera tower overlooking a horse-race track. He spent a wayward youth among the mendacious and the mad, setting him on a bleak pilgrimage fated to have no other destination but society’s fetid underbelly. In other words, he majored in Journalism (at Syracuse University). An ignoble Yankee who lives in northeastern Ohio, he is also the author of Cleveland Ghosts, Paranormal Great Lakes, Paranormal Mississippi River and Great Lakes Folklore. He previously explored the lore of New Orleans for his book Paranormal Mississippi River.