Contemporary Ice Sculpture

Barbara Purchia & E. Ashley Rooney, Contributions by Dick Brickley, Justin Gordon, James Stugart

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In this collection of works by more than 25 contemporary ice artists, discover a fascinating art medium defined by its ephemeral nature. Merging creativity and engineering, today’s ice artist can create incredibly complex artwork, featured here in more than 150 photos. Ice sculpting’s history and impact are described by champion sculptor James Stugart, including events such as the ice festival in Harbin, China. Sculpting firm owner Justin Gordon explains the tools and techniques, and Dick Brickley, former chair of the BP World Ice Arts Championships held in Fairbanks, Alaska, relates the history of this largest international competition. As sculptor Ben Firth says, "Carving ice is a good reminder that no art lasts forever; that, in the end, art is not about creating a permanent object, but about changing people."

Size: 7" x 7" | 172 color images | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764356414

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Barbara Purchia and E. Ashley Rooney began a friendship and a writing partnership about 10 years ago. They are the authors of Contemporary Sand Sculpture; Fairy Homes and Gardens; and Glass Art: 112 Contemporary Glass Artists. Rooney specializes in contemporary art and architecture and has authored more than 50 books. Purchia is a stained glass artist. As coauthors, they offer complementary experiences and perspectives.