Colors & Patterns of Depression Era Glassware

Doris Yeske & Lyle Fokken

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Colored glassware can bring sunshine colors into homes today, as it did in the 1930s when this American glassware was first made. Over 250 popular patterns of vintage glassware are shown through 315 color photographs in 16 chapters based on colors. All the items shown are described with their pattern name, manufacturer, dates of production, tips on identification, and current value. Pattern names and glass manufacturers are indexed for easy reference. Everyone can find delight by learning to recognize pattern glassware and bringing it into their home for enjoyment.

Size: 6" x 9" | 315 color photographs | Price Guide/Index | 176 pp
ISBN13: 9780764334221

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Doris Yeske has written many articles for periodicals and four other books for Schiffer Publishing on Depression glassware.Lyle Fokken has studied and collected old bottles and fruit jars since childhood. His photographs relate their beautiful appeal.