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Collectible Dietz Lanterns

Collectible Dietz Lanterns

Neil S. Wood

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Lanterns burning oil and kerosene lit the world before electricity and well into the 20th century beyond the electrical grid. The R. E. Dietz Company was a leader in lantern development and manufacturer in 1917 when this sales catalog was new. Each lantern shown is described with its detailed specifications and special features. Lantern parts, including burners, brackets, globes, holders, and reflectors, are identified by their names, colors and available sizes. Here are lanterns designed specifically for lighting streets, wagons, automobiles, fire trucks, mills, platforms, railroad yards, traffic signals, walls and factories.

Size: 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ | 240 illustrations | Price Guide/Index | 140 pp
ISBN13: 9780895380890 | Binding: soft cover