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Closer to the Great Whales

Closer to the Great Whales

Peter Trull

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Fascinating color photos let you see whales in their natural habitat. Learn about their behavior, external anatomy, and physical features. Discussed in the text are the Humpback, Minke, Finback, and the rarely seen Right whales, baleen whales that eat by taking in thousands of gallons of water and schools of fish or plankton and filtering the water through the baleen. Discover their behaviors, including breaching, lob tailing, and flipper slapping. This book is a fascinating look at the largest mammals to roam the Earth today.

Size: 9 1/8″ x 8 1/8″ | 117 color photos | 80 pp
ISBN13: 9780764335075 | Binding: soft cover


Peter Trull has been involved in research and education about whales for over 30 years and completed over 1,400 whale-watching trips.