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Chateau Country: Du Pont Estates in the Brandywine Valley

Daniel DeKalb Miller

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Originally from France, the du Pont family settled in the Brandywine River Valley. Chateau Country is an intimate portrait of the houses built by this Delaware dynasty. Their first dwelling was a modest six-room house just steps from the gunpowder mills that made the du Ponts wealthy. One hundred years later, their largest house had 176 rooms and thirty-six servants on 2,300 acres of land. Since company founder E.I. du Pont built Eleutherian Mills in 1802, almost one hundred houses have been built nearby and occupied by his descendants. Many spectacular estate houses have been razed, but thirty-three du Pont family properties that still exist are explored and accompanied by anecdotes. Some, including Eleutherian Mills, Longwood, Gibraltar, Nemours, and Winterthur, are open to the public; others remain hidden behind stone walls. Chateau Country takes readers inside these houses and describes a way of life that has all but disappeared.

Size: 9" x 12" | 174 b/w & color photos, 29 prints, 33 drawings | 272 pp
ISBN13: 9780764344152

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Daniel DeKalb Miller owned a hotel representative company in New York. He and his wife published Distinctive Destinations, an international travel newsletter, for fifteen years, visiting more than 175 countries. They live in the heart of Brandywine Valley near many of the du Pont houses.