Carving Desperados with Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe

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For caricature carvers the greatest challenges and the greatest rewards come from carving the head and face. This is where the personality of the figure resides. The exaggerated nose, the enlarged ears, the toothy or toothless grin...they all combine to give the figure a story we can understand at a glance. In this new book, Tom Wolfe concentrates on the caricature head by carving busts. About 8 inches tall, these carvings give plenty of room for detail, and allow the carver to explore new ways of giving expression to their work. One figure is carved step-by-step, with clear color photographs illustrating each technique. They carry the reader from laying the pattern on the blank to the final painting. Also included are patterns for 15 other figures, including military, western, and Victorian characters, and a full color gallery of 23 finished busts, each shown from four angles.This is an important guide for caricature carvers, and will lead to hours of learning and pleasure.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 295 color photos, 16 patterns | 64 pp
ISBN13: 9780764300974

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