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A Century of Carnival GlassA Century of Carnival Glass
Glen & Stephen Thistlewood
The Art of Carnival GlassThe Art of Carnival Glass
Glen & Stephen Thistlewood
Carnival Glass: The Magic and the MysteryCarnival Glass: The Magic and the Mystery
Glen and Stephen Thistlewood

Carnival Glass: The Magic and the Mystery

Glen Thistlewood & Steven Thistlewood

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Carnival Glass has magic. It captures a unique harmony of color, pattern, and iridescence--a shimmering dance of light, an ever-changing sheen with many moods. It possesses a legacy from the master craftsmen of the past.Carnival Glass has mystery. Looking at its history is like holding a mirror to the world. It reflects all aspects of society and culture--and in those reflections over time lie many mysteries. Carnival is the "Cinderella" of glass that has become a "Rockefeller" of glass.Through over 300 stunning color photographs, almost 200 black and white illustrations (including original, detailed line drawings of Carnival patterns), and much contemporary archive material the reader is presented with a wealth of information surrounding Carnival Glass. Individual chapters provide an explanation of how Carnival was made. Many hundreds of patterns are covered, over 500 of which are explored in detail. There is a fresh look at the major and minor manufacturers of Classic American Carnival and the relationships among them, Carnival Glass from around the world, fascinating and revealing catalog information, and many unique insights into aspects of Carnival previously unexplored. Uniquely, the book provides recognition features for many geometric patterns as well as an analysis of the "Signature Characteristics" of the main Carnival manufacturers in both the United States and the rest of the world.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 326 color photos, 180 b/w illustrations | Price Guide/Index | 224 pp
ISBN13: 9780764306846

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Glen and Stephen Thistlewood share a passion for Carnival Glass. A married couple with a twentysomething son and daughter, the Thistlewoods live in the south of England. Originally employed as a town planner, Glen used her early art training to continue freelance design work while raising a family. Stephen works in the City of London, though he still manages to find time to continue his long-standing interest in photography. Together, Glen and Steve began collecting Carnival Glass in 1982, first at antique shows and shops in England and then while attending Carnival Glass conventions in the United States.