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Carnival Glass: The Magic and the Mystery

Glen and Stephen Thistlewood

Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition

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Provides comprehensive information on early 20th century, iridescent Carnival Glass, its colors, shapes, and manufacturers throughout the world, and includes descriptions of over 500 individual patterns. The new edition is expanded and updated, with an entire new section introducing international makers from the United States, Europe, Australia, South and Central America, India, and the Far East. The beautiful molded glass is both decorative and useful, with patterns that include flowers, fruits, birds, animals, and geometric shapes on bowls, dishes, vases, and beverage sets. Explore these pages as you build a collection of your own.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 326 color and 205 b/w illustrations | Price Guide/Index | 224 pp
ISBN13: 9780764329890

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Glen and Stephen Thistlewood are a husband-and-wife team, internationally renowned in the world of Carnival and Pressed Glass. They deliver seminars and lectures in the USA and UK and have written numerous articles and educational papers. Stephen's photography and Glen's drawings bring understanding and appreciation to Carnival Glass. Their extensive research has revealed many groundbreaking discoveries.