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Campfire Tales: Kentucky

Roberta Simpson Brown. Photographs by Thomas Lee Freese

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Just try to ignore the chill down your back as you read 32 campfire tales handed down through the generations in Kentucky! This is a collection of original, scary, and sometimes funny stories about ghosts and strange happenings from the Bluegrass State. With settings like graveyards, woods, homes, lakes, pools, snow, and more, you will quickly see how these stories could happen to anyone! The tales are short, creepy, and perfect for telling or reading aloud. Find out about the ghostly calf that frightened a farmer's child – to death. Relive the terror of the crying baby in the barrel. Learn why you should stay out of crawl spaces at all costs! And don't ever open the door to the ghost in the snow storm… Are these tales true? Some are as true as the gospel. And the others? They were told as true, too! Either way, be sure to carry these Kentucky tales to your next campsite – if you dare!

Size: 6" x 9" | 32 b/w photos | 128 pp
ISBN13: 9780764342318

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Roberta Simpson Brown believes in the value of preserving and telling stories. A native of Appalachia and a graduate of Berea College, she has appeared cost to coast, including national public radio and Lifetime TV's Beyond Chance.