California's Historic Haunts

Brian Clune with Bob Davis

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Visit 25 of California's most haunted and historic sites. Wander the halls of Camarillo State Hospital to hear ghostly children laughing and objects moving without assistance from the living. Consider whether restless soldiers are still in the tunnels where they were killed—could this be a legend? Is there a cryptozoological creature known as the "Billiwhack Monster" at Rancho Camulos? Could there be truth to the phantom stagecoach that can be heard and seen late at night at Vallecito, then continuing on before vanishing from sight? Each site is explored by the authors and Planet Paranormal Investigations to give the visitor or potential investigator all the tools necessary for a rewarding experience. All sites are open to the public and this comprehensive historic guide supplies visitor information, tools of the trade, and a full glossary.

Size: 6" x 9" | 99 b/w & color photos | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764347061

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Brian Clune has been an avid paranormal enthusiast for most of his life. His dedication to learning the past has led to him becoming the historian for Planet Paranormal Investigations. Some of the group's discoveries has led him to be involved with a number of television shows, including My Ghost Story, The Dead Files and Ghost Hunters. Clune was also the focus of a companion documentary for the film Paranormal Asylum by Meridian Films. He has appeared on many radio programs as well as giving lectures at top paranormal conventions and has spoken at several colleges, both in lecture and teaching capacities. Clune lives in Southern California with his family and pets and is currently working on his next book. Bob Davis is a commercial real estate investor by day and a paranormal researcher by night. Bob co-owns Planet Paranormal Radio, Planet Paranormal Investigations, and Queen Mary Shadows along with Ash Blackwell and Brian Clune.He lives in Southern California with his lovely wife, Miyu, and son, Nick. Bob has been published in the New York Daily News, World News, the LA Examiner and The Paranormal Examiner and has been seen on such hit television shows as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, My Ghost Story and The Dead Files. Bob Davis and Brian Clune, along with Planet Paranormal Team members are currently working on several other publications and film projects.