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Brooklyn’s Sweet Ruin: Relics and Stories of the Domino Sugar Refinery

Paul Raphaelson

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Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Refinery, once the largest in the world, shut down in 2004 after a long struggle. Most New Yorkers know it only as an icon on the landscape, multiplied on T-shirts and skateboard graphics. Paul Raphaelson, known internationally for his formally intricate urban landscape photographs, was given access to every square foot of the refinery weeks before its demolition. Raphaelson spent weeks speaking with former Domino workers to hear first-hand the refinery’s more personal stories. He also assembled a world-class team of contributors: Pulitzer Prize–winning photography editor Stella Kramer, architectural historian Matthew Postal, and art director Christopher Truch. The result is a beautiful, complex, thrilling mashup of art, document, industrial history, and Brooklyn visual culture. Strap on your hard hat and headlamp, and wander inside for a closer look.

Size: 12" x 9" | 138 color images | 128 pp
ISBN13: 9780764354120

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Paul Raphaelson is an artist and writer living in Brooklyn, New York. His photographs have been collected and shown internationally. paulraphaelson.com